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Friday, April 17, 2009

Resting at Home...

... at least Marissa is... for right now.

We got home just before 3:00 this afternoon.  Marissa is doing well, however she is in a lot of pain and is very sleepy.  She needs just a little push of O2 to keep her sats up while she is sleeping.  Not a big deal.  She gets VERY agitated when we move her or do something to or for her. Like hook up her feeding.  Or change her trach sponge.  Or change her trach ties.  Or change her diaper.  Or anything.  My poor Punkin.  :(  

I am hoping I didn't royally screw up and cause her more problems.  

It was recommended to us by the doc that we keep her humidified with her trach mist collar that she uses at night.  She is laying on the living room floor on a pad of blankets and the humidifier is on the coffee table. Anyone who is familiar with the compressor and humidifier set-up  knows that it works with gravity. The water condensation collects in the blue tubing if you don't have it arranged properly so that the water can drain into the bag.  

We don't have it arranged properly so the water can drain into the bag.  

Water collected in the blue tubing and I went to manually drain it.  Some of it went backwards as I raised the tube and it splashed into her trach.  Damn!!  I immediately suctioned her but I am so afraid that some water got down into her lungs and will sit there and cause pneumonia. Just what she needs.  Damn!!

Please pray that this MOTY incident does not cause her pneumonia.  Also please pray that she recovers quickly and we are able to manage her pain well. 

Oh, and that she is able to sleep well through the night too.  

I plan on posting some pics and vids sometime soon.

Thanks again for all your prayers.


Hope said...

Please don't stress, you are an amazing mother. I'm so happy surgery went well and is over! I hope she recovers fast! Please, give her a hug from us. We've been praying for her all week.

The round-the-worlders said...

We are so pleased to hear that Rissa is home and all went well. Of course we will and are praying that there are no complications of any sort. We are also pleased to see in the previous post about the good new about the decant. Again, more prayers. Hope you guys can get some sleep this weekend. Love and hugs from Riodoso, New Mexico.
Bubby and Zeyda

The VW's said...

Glad to hear that you are all home tonight! I pray that you are all able to sleep well! I'm sure she will be fine, unfortunately as mothers we ALL make little mistakes like that.....and as for MOTY, I know that you are definitely in the running for it! :) Praying!

Faith said...

Thanks for all of the updates (btw, I did have my mind in the gutter while reading the title of your last post, half way into it, I thought, she's not going even going to mention the innuendo in her title? And then you did it...never fail to please.)

Anywhoooo, glad the risa-roo is doing OK. Surgeries are tough, no matter what they are. Sorry about the dumping incident- since Faith sleeps on the floor and the heater/vent is above her, she gets dumped on all of the time.... somehow the all work it out.

Hope you have a cozy, weekend! Perhaps this is the last of the snow!

You guys are in our T&P's =)
Jen :)

Ann said...

So glad to hear the surgery went well and Marissa is home. Wishing you a calm and uneventful night.


Dave and Emilee said...

I'm glad Marissa is home. Wow, what you must be going through! I hope tonight goes okay, I'll keep you and her in my prayers!

Finding Normal said...

Glad you got to come home! We had to stay a night or 2 after having just the As out. Praying that by now she's back to her happy little dancing self!

John and Jenna Gensic said...

We've done the same thing with Mikan's vent and the water. Hopefully nothing will come of it if you suctioned her quickly. We're praying for a speedy recovery!


Dana said...

Glad to hear all went well. We will keep praying. I hate those water tubes as well. I think there should be a way for them to flow in the cups but not out of the cups.

Have a restful weekend. :)