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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Well, That's Cool, But... Dang!


Prayers answered!  Marissa's surgery is now scheduled for Friday April 17th.  So, only a few days after the original date AND its on a Friday instead of a Monday.  This is great because I will have Jeremy at home to help me with her and her recovery.  Woo Hoo!
Original Post:

OK, got a change of plans.

First of all, thank you all for praying for Marissa's ENT, Dr. P. From information I received secondhand, she is about four months pregnant with twins and was having some difficulty so she was put on bed rest. She is apparently better now and is seeing patients in the mornings. She is also performing surgeries when needed.

This morning we had Marissa's pre-op visit with Dr. K who was going to do her T & A in place of Dr. P. I use the words "had her pre-op visit" loosely. Dr. K came into the room this morning for the 8:30 appointment and proceeded to let me know that Dr. P was back in action and that he would much rather her do the procedure. He sees older children and mainly adults, so he does not have much experience with peds. Or trachs. He also felt Marissa would fare better with someone she knows and who is familiar with her. I, of course, want her surgery done by someone who feels they can do the best job possible, so I am perfectly OK with his decision. Thus, we canceled Marissa's T & A for April 13th.

Dr. K consulted with Dr. P this morning and she thinks she can put Marissa on her surgery schedule in the next couple of weeks.

First, I am very happy that Dr. P's pregnancy seems to be going better, well enough for her to see patients and perform surgery. What an amazing blessing! Please keep praying that her pregnancy progresses normally from here on out.

However, I wish Dr. K would have consulted with Dr. P and made the decision for her to do Marissa's surgery before I got my behind up at the butt crack of dawn this morning. Before I got Marissa up at the butt crack of dawn this morning. Before I rushed around packing things up and lugging a heavy "go" bag and my hyper toddler into the ENT office this morning. Before Marissa and I sat in an exam room for 15 minutes waiting for the doc, with Marissa crying from anxiety the entire time.

I know it is all over now and no one is any worse for wear but, it was extremely inconveniencing to have to do all that only to go home without being seen. Oh, and Dr. K felt the need to let me know that I would not be charged for this "visit". I told him "thank you" but what I wanted to say was "darn straight I won't be charged! Why would you charge me for inconveniencing me??" Oh well!

My only other concern is that we won't be able to schedule the surgery soon enough to suit us. Please pray with us that Marissa can have the surgery no later than the end of this month. If it goes too much later than that, it will seal the deal and ensure that decan will not be happening this summer. Plus, as it gets later, Dr. P gets further along in her pregnancy and might not be able to do the surgery again and we would be back at square one.

We do have a pre-op appointment with Dr. P on Tuesday the 14th. I am expecting a call tomorrow morning letting me know when Dr. P is available to do the surgery. I will post an update at the beginning of this post as soon as I know a date.

In a totally unrelated matter:
This is the hairstyle we call "puppy dog ears"

This is the "Ellie May"

I wanted to share a video with you from this weekend. Pay close attention for a special "little gem" at about 20 seconds. You might have to turn the volume up to hear it. :) Also, be listening for the best baby giggle on earth toward the end at about 2 min 37 seconds.

Yes, Marissa will probably try to kill me in my sleep when she turns 14 and learns that I posted a video of her tooting for all of cyberspace to hear and see! Oh well, I couldn't help myself!


Michelle said...

That last video is too funny!!! Little toots!

Kinda sorry to hear about the getting out of bed way to early and going to the doc's to hear him tell you something he could have told you over the phone. But I'm glad Dr. P is back. Let's pray that Marissa can get in soon so that decan can happen soon.

Love you!
Auntie Chelle

Michelle said...

That totally sucks about your appointment, I'm glad that the outcome is going to be better but ugh-like they couldn't make that a phone call?? I once traveled over an hour up to an appointment that was scheduled the next day----craaaap. Of course, they weren't even in clinic the day we were there. We probably had to get up at o dark hundred too.

The Elli May hair is so freaking cute, I can't stand it!! The video, I'm dying that was so funny. Boy, she is so strong and her muscle control is so good. Loving the giggles. Lillian enjoyed watching it too!!
PS- everyone seems to like NutJim, I think I'm flying with it. Angie over at Is this reality thinks she's going try out Crazo for her nickname....LOL.

The VW's said...

I pray that they are able to schedule her surgery soon! I hate being inconvienenced! Sorry about that!

I LOVE the "Ellie May" hairstyle on her! What a cutie! And, that giggle was THE BEST!!!

Kendra said...

So glad her surgery is scheduled and the surgeon you know gets to do it! Just a little tip in regards to your last post and the %#@#@$#%ing, if you yell "PICKLES!" after an ahemmm "questionable" word, they only remember the "Pickles"....

Hope said...

That is awesome news that she will have it done this month!! I'm praying for a fast recovery for Rissa!! Have I ever mentioned that I love her hair? No? Well, she has the prettiest hair!!

The round-the-worlders said...

One more vote for Ellie May...I love it. And the giggle, I sat here smiling and laughing at loud myself, but I didn't want to miss any giggles, so I watched it again. So glad the surgery is soon. We will check in and see how she is doing. Bubby and Zeyda

Dana said...

glad to hear that you have a new date. We will be praying. I love the Ellie May do. She looks way grown up with that do.