"Listen to the mustn'ts, child. Listen to the don'ts. Listen to the shouldn'ts, the impossibles, the won'ts. Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me... Anything can happen, child. Anything can be." - Shel Silverstein

Monday, April 6, 2009

Growing and Learning

My little girl is growing up fast, before my eyes! So fast, I feel like I am going to miss something if I blink.

She learned how to climb up on the couch over the weekend. If you notice in past pictures, we had a lot of stuff on the back of the couch. This was because the back of the couch was one place she couldn't reach... yet. Yesterday we had to move everything off the back of the couch and out of the cubbies behind the couch because she can reach them now. Whew!! When did that happen??

She is showing us that we should never take what doctors say about her future as the gospel truth. We were told to prepare ourselves for the fact that Marissa might never walk, run, climb, talk, etc. The truth was that the "experts" just didn't know what her future held. The truth is that only One knows exactly what is in store for Marissa. The only expert that matters ~ God. He alone knows what she will accomplish in her life and we are relying on Him, and only Him, to show us. What a cool journey of discovery we are on!!

She is talking so much. Every day she learns a new word. Or two. Or three. Everyday she speaks the words she already knows more clearly. Everyday. Just last night I had a kitchen cabinet open. She saw a bag of microwave popcorn, pointed to it and said "popcorn"! Well, it came out more like "pahcone" but she said it! This is amazing because I hardly ever have popcorn in the house. I just picked it up a week ago when I was in a store and it looked really good to me. I have only said the word a few times and she said it and used the word properly. Every time she says something, my heart jumps right up into my throat. It was only a year ago that she started tolerating her speaking valve all day.

And yes, Jeremy and I are still trying to grasp the concept that we can not just say whatever word comes to our minds. Yesterday I was watching a news program about the state of the American economy and I got a little emotional. I used the word "a_ _ hole". Marissa repeated that word, to the best of her ability. Kind of came out like " ah-ole" It reminded me of the scenes in Meet the Fockers where the little boy keeps repeating that same word over and over again. Oops!

I will get better. I promise. After all, I am growing and learning too! :)


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

What exciting news! and oh the words my Alex has heard......

Michelle said...

I am so happy for you and Marissa and just slighly envious! I can't wait until Lillian can actually speak. We haven't made very much headway with the PMV bc of Respiratory junk, but I hope we'll get there. You go Marissa Girl!!Your friend, Nutjim (i'm thinking this is my new acronym bc it was just so funny,)

John Gensic said...

Good for you Marissa, stick it to those experts!


Janay said...

Guess what comes after learning to climb onto the couch? Climbing on the back of the couch. Milo learned that trick this week I found him standing on the back against the wall one time. His new skill has resulted in many time outs but he thinks he is so funny he doesn't care :0)

Good Job Marissa!!

Michelle said...

That is too funny! Well, the days of keeping things on the back of the couch are done with!!! She just warms my heart every time I see her! She is so amazing to me!

Auntie Chelle

The VW's said...

Yay Marissa!!! Keep on climbing! You looks so proud of yourself...and you should be sweet girl! I have a feeling that your Momma won't mind too much if you keep getting into everything, but try to be a good girl! :)

Nana and PaPa said...

Ahhh...Marissa warms the cockles of my heart. As you know, I have said it many times... the first rule I learned as a nursing student was...there is NO such word as ALWAYS and NEVER in the medical field because someone, or something, somewhere will prove you wrong! And Marissa is definately proving that out! We are SO blessed to have her in our lives. I pray that she, as well as all the other special needs children will continue to break the molds of what the medical experts think is expected! Go ahead Marissa, stick your tongue out and give the medical experts raspberries...we don't mind!!! Love you guys.
Nana & PaPa
P.S. Alicia...lol...you two need to remember what happened when your cousin Sandy was a little girl and what she said when Grandad threw the frizbee up at the trees...your Auntie Eileen was MORTIFIED by her toddler's little potty mouth...and where do you think she picked that up??!! LOL

Momof5 said...

I suggest those overhead garage storage shelves to start hanging things on the ceiling. They'll be safe for at least a week or two that way. How beautiful when a two year old knows more than the doctor!

My mom always told the story of when we (the 4 of us) were all little and she burnt herself and said "d@#n". Then when dad came home that evening we were all running around the house saying "d@#n, d@#n, d@#n, d@#n"! So hilarious, being preacher's kids and all! We're the worst, aren't we?

The round-the-worlders said...

yes you had better watch what you say. and be glad her great grandfather is not around. One day when your Aunt Eileen's girls were still young, granddad was out in the back yard, throwing a frissbee that hit a telephone line and was knocked down. one of the little ones said, "G-- D--- it"
Grand dad became really good at hitting that wire and Eileen turn redder each time he did. He would have lots of fun with Marissa I'm sure.