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Friday, April 17, 2009

T & A Time...


Marissa came out of surgery at around 10:30.  She did really well and the doctor does not see any reason to keep us overnight.  We just got back to the outpatient surgery recovery room and she is alert and happy.  She is playing with the TV, turning it off and on.  :)  We should be outta here in a couple of hours!

Dr. P scoped her in the OR and came back with some very encouraging news:  Marissa's jaw has advanced enough that she won't need jaw distractors to pull it forward.  YAY!!  

Here is where it gets a little complicated.  Dr. P is due to have the twins at the end of August. She is only planning on taking 6-8 weeks off for maternity leave.  In the meantime, she wants Marissa to recover from the T & A and then we can start capping.  We'll see how she does over the summer and then do another bronch in October.  If she looks good then, Marissa will be decannulated. I asked Dr. P about the general consensus that decans don't happen in Fall/Winter.  She shrugged her shoulders and said we'll play it by ear, that if Marissa will be ready at that time, we'll throw the theory out the window and decan at that time.  She wanted to give her 6 months for he jaw to grow even more.  She feels very good about the progress of Marissa's jaw since she was last bronched 8 months ago and she feels confident that she will progress enough in the next 6 months that she can successfully decan.  

So, no decan this summer.  :(  But decan in the near future  :)

Whew!!  Information overload!

Thanks again for all your prayers.  We have felt the comfort of our family and friends praying from afar!


Once again guys, get your minds out of the gutter!!

Marissa just went back to the OR with Daddy.  The procedure should take about an hour. 

She got Versed about a half an hour ago and was trippin' out watching Sesame Street.  (video to come later!  ;)  

I'll be adding updates to the beginning of this post as we know more, so check back through the day.

Thanks for your prayers and well wishes!


The VW's said...

Hoping and praying that the surgery goes well! Can't wait to see the video!

Hope said...

That's still awesome that October is an option!! I'm sorry I'm just seeing this, I haven't been home much today.

KH said...

I'm glad about October, too! and so happy surgery went well--will be praying against pneumonia! Just getting back on the computer after a couple of days, so happy to hear updates. Hope your weekend goes smoothly!!

Queen Mommy said...

Great news! BTW, Lily ended up getting decannulated at the end of October (less than a week before Halloween). It was one of those things where her ENT said, "Let's try it and see how she does." Granted, the winter was a tough one, but Lily's issues were more gut-related. The biggest problem we had was that she kept getting sick right before she was scheduled to have her stoma closure. I think it was early July before that finally took place!