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Saturday, April 25, 2009

POLL: Which Rissa Hairstyle for the Photo Shoot?

Hopefully, if the fates allow, we will be having a photo shoot with an awesome photographer and fellow special needs mom, Tamara on Saturday, May 9th.  Tamara participates in a wonderful photography project for special needs kids and their families called The Littlest Heroes Project.  Tamara and I have been working on getting this shoot scheduled for about two months now and because of surgery recovery, illness, out of town trips, holidays, and just our everyday busy lives, we have not been able to get it done yet.  We are hopeful May 9th will work for all of us.

In preparation for the photo shoot, I am asking all of my readers to participate in a poll on how Marissa's hair should be done.  I have posted two photos of each hairstyle to choose from and numbered them 1 through 9.  If you would, please leave a comment indicating which hairstyle you think Marissa should wear for the shoot.

While I am asking for and respect your opinions, I do reserve the right to go with a style of my choosing anyway.  I mean, we all know how much weight "the popular vote" carries in this country!  ;)

Thanks for participating and have fun!

#1  half up, half down, two piggy tails

#2  all up, two piggy tails

#3  all up, one pony tail

#4  The Teddy Bear

#5  half up, half down, one pony tail

#6  The Ellie May

#7  The Train Wreck

Hope's write-in ballot:

#8  The Una~Spike

#9  The Spike Part Deux


The round-the-worlders said...

We both agree, which is unusual. You may not, but like you said....

We give 2 votes for.....Train Wreck.

You may have put it in as a joke, but we think it is representative of her personality and vitality. We have never seen other children with the Wreck, so her hairstyle will be as unique as she is. We look forward to the other votes and your final decision.

Love, as always, Bubby and Zeyda

Anonymous said...

As her "Old man", I chose #1, the half up, half down w/ piggy tails. It's cute and easy to put up.

Hope said...

This is a hard poll because she has gorgeous hair that looks great in all the pics.

You did, however, forget an option. The 2 feet tall piggytail/spikes that stick straight up (and should be registered at a deadly weapon).

I'm going to cheat and pic 3.

#7, the train wreck. It's beautiful, carefree, wild and shows her personality the best.

#1, it's adorable, easy and she looks so sweet.

#6, I think it's super-cute, innocent, simple! I like it a lot.

That's so great that you can finally get together and do this. Tamara is incredibly sweet. I can't wait to see the pics!

Michelle said...

I like number 1 with number 2 running a close second!

Anonymous said...

5 votes for #7!!!! For really!!!
8 votes for #4.......
6 votes for #1

9 more votes for #7!

Hope that helps you decide!!!!

Can you just do several ones during the shoot?!?!

Love you,
Auntie Chelle

Ayden said...

Although, I like the write in ballots... I don't think she will ever forgive you. :) So, I vote #1.

The VW's said...

Definitely the una-spike!!! Ha! That is too funny!

Actually, I'll vote for #1. But, I also love #6 too!

Have fun deciding! I bet you guys will have a wonderful time on the photo shoot!

Anonymous said...

i like the The Teddy Bear or the train wreck
Uncle Nate

Gretch said...

I don't think I can choose!! She is so darn cute!! I did get a HUGE laugh outta the spike hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I Just don't know,,maybe the all up in pig tails.

Dana said...

#6 hands down is my favorite. I love the Ellie May.

John and Jenna Gensic said...

Definitely the train wreck. It is too adorable. Actually, my first choice was the spike, part deux, I just figured you probably wouldn't go for that, so the train wreck was my second vote. I secretly like the spike though.


angie said...

I love them all...no matter which one you choose she will be so cute! Can't wait to see your pictures. We are having ours done the beginning of June:).

If I had to pick I would say the teddy bear:)

Tamara said...

Can the photographer vote??? I LOVE THE TRAIN WRECK!! It adds volume to her sweet face, character and dimension... instead of a flat photos there will be depth and mood, not to mention TONZ OF FUN!! OH PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PLEASE <:O)

Nana and PaPa said...

OK...here goes....I LOVVVE the Teddy Bear...makes her look so cute and sweet which isn't hard to do! BUT....the Train Wreck is also just as adorable because it also shows her sweet but SPIRITED, CAREFREE nature! Now, it looks like if you could do 2 hairstyles, and if you chose Teddy Bear and Train Wreck, it would be easy enough to do Teddy Bear first.....then.....DO THE TRAIN WRECK since it looks like the Teddy Bear messed up! THERE!! That's my vote and I'm stickn' to it!! LOL. Can hardly wait to see the final project!
Nana & PaPa

Nana and PaPa said...

P.S. By the way....how did Auntie Chelle get so many votes??!! HHHmmmmmm

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Spike Part Deux. Definately.

LOL! I love the two pigtails, all up. :)

Of course, it's hard to choose because she is SO cute in all of them!!

Michelle said...

Well Nana, Auntie Chelle gets more because I'm special. Actually, Alicia said I could vote as many times as I wanted to, so..... I took her up on that!

Auntie Chelle

Kendra said...

So which one does Marissa like?????? You'll have to teach me how to do girl hair soon--Adelyn's is almost an inch long now...I'm excited for your photo shoot!

Anonymous said...

I vote for No. 1. It shows off more of her hair while not taking
away from her beautiful face and smile. Aunt Teri and Uncle Norm

Queen Mommy said...

My personal favorite is 4 - the teddy bear. A twiston that is one of my girls' favorite, the "puffy piggies" which is basically the princess leia look. Just divide each piggie in two and twist then wind them around the elastic. To secure just wrap another elastic around the little twist bun or use bobby pins. Good luckwith the pics! That sounds like an awesome program!

Momof5 said...

I prefer the #4 look, a.k.a. the Teddy Bear. Although the train wreck is my personal fav and I am guessing Rissa's as well, I just adore the Teddy Bear one. I really like the uni spike, but am unsure how that would play out in a photograph and it may be dangerous for anyone else involved in the photo taking! Love it!!!!! Kisses and hugs!