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Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Story Of Us Part II

It seems someone is a little impatient with how I have chosen to tell our story!  I won't name names, but I "HOPE"  you all understand that with nearly 20 years of history, I have to break it up into parts.  Geez, keep your pants on!  HaHaHa  ;)  Just razzing you girl!

Picking up where we left off... (If you missed the post leading up to this one, click here.)

After high school (1993), I went to the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley and Jeremy enlisted in the Army. He completed basic training at Fort Knox, KY and then was immediately stationed in Vilseck, Germany, where he would spend the next 2 1/2 years. He was not able to come home very much because he was always on alert to go to Bosnia, however, he did come home Christmas of 1993 and asked me to marry him. I said yes, but because we had no money, I had to wait to get my ring until the next Christmas. We agreed that it was important for me to finish school before we got married, so we had a long engagement. See Mom, it was possible for us to make a responsible decision being that young! :)

My Handsome Soldier

Jeremy finally got stationed at Fort Lewis, WA in April of 1996 and was a little closer to home. He would end up injuring his back and left the Army in the Spring of 1997. He came to live with me and my roommates.  (I'll save the House Boy and Jeremy's Harem stories for another time and place  ;) ... don't worry, its all innocent!)  I graduated that May with a BA in history with a legal studies minor. I wanted to go to paralegal school and then possibly law school. I knew I needed to continue my education but I had just gone through the death of my step-brother, a stressful last semester at school and was trying to plan a wedding. I was just not in the right place to keep going to school at that time. We of course were both broke, so Jeremy's mom made us an offer we couldn't refuse. Move in with her in Pagosa rent free, save up money and then move out and go back to school. So we moved in with her and had our own room with a bathroom, so it was almost like living on our own. ;) Honestly, moving in with his mom saved our skins and she was great to live with. She let us have our space and our time and was so gracious. Thanks again Janice!

We got married on July 12, 1997 in Pagosa Springs. We continued to live with Jeremy's mom until we saved enough money and moved to Colorado Springs in August of 1998.

Be sure to click on these pictures to read the words

This pic was taken about 8 months after we got married.

More to come...


Anonymous said...

I don't know why but I love reading about you guys!! Its so cool that you have been together so long! Its a little strange to think that my brother in law has known me for almost my whole life!! :)
I love you two love birds!

Michelle said...

I think that was Auntie Katelynn on that last comment????

My gosh, how young you guys look! You were just babies when you got married!
20 years is a long time to be with someone!

Here's to 20++++ more years!

Michelle (Auntie Chelle)

Anonymous said...

Yes that last comment was me! Sorry! Lol
Auntie Taters!

P.S. Is there anyone else who finds the word varifications are fun!! ex: plestou is the word this time! Fun!
P.S.S. Yes I know that is something that mom would say. Oh how scary it is that I am turning into her o so soon! Save me!

Nana and PaPa said...

Hey! Watch it! Being me ain't so bad! LOL A little cornpone humor every day keeps the blues away...right??!! And Mitchell....I think you need to take ANOTHER math course. HOW many years do you think Jeremy and Alicia have been together?????????? HHmmm...1991 to 2008. Or 1997 to 2008...hhhhmmmm. Unless there's a new math I'm not aware of, in my book no matter HOW you add this up...neither one add up to 20!!! LOL!!! But I definately hope for 20++++ years! And O.K. O.K Alicia! So you made a responsible decision (ONCE)when you were young! I admit it...do you feel better now??!! LOL! And yes, you did look young...not that you don't STILL look young..you DO!! Glad you found some pictures to use in here. Love to all,
Nana & PaPa

Marissa said...

Well well well,

someone needs their reading glasses checked, NANA!

If you read correctly, it was not 1991 that Jeremy and I started dating, it was February of 1990. So, this coming February it will be 19 years since we started dating. So while neither of you are technically correct, Michelle is a little closer to the mark because at the beginning of the post I refer to "nearly 20 years of history".

So Miss Hell needs a class in math and Mama needs a class in reading! You people crack me up!

And yes Katelynn, the word verification makes me chuckle quite often. Where do they come up with these words??

Disclaimer: To anyone not familiar with my family, yes we are very crazy, but very lovable!! Don't be scared!!

Michelle said...

Ha!!! See moma! I win! Sort of, but still I win! I was thinking about the part where Alicia and Jeremy met, not when they started dating or their wedding!

Anyway, Love you all my crazy family!

Nana and PaPa said...

O.K. Call me dense, but what is so funny about the word verification? This is funny to you two who use to cup your hands around your mouth or put a cup tight to your mouth and repeat boy boy boy boy boy over and over and giggle and laugh because it sounded so funny. I think I did raise crazies! lol. Although, I think I'll contemplate the word verification tonight as I go to bed. Happy weird word thoughts to all and to all a good night!

Nana and PaPa said...

P.S. And yes Mitchell, you were SORTA right....I'll give you 1/2 a point for that one! Ha!

Hope said...

You're killing me;)LOL
You two are a beautiful couple. I'm patiently waiting for chapter 3!

Elizabeth said...

By the time you get to Marissa you are going to drive poor Hope nuts with all these long pauses. Take it from me, an outside source; yes your all completely nuts, but no one I know would want you any other way. FREAKS.

But you still have all my love. Know what is funny, Tom and Mary and Nana and Papa too. Unless Ash is being ornery and then he is "Gramps"

Lots O Love
(oh and the word of the moment, oropl) whatever

Anonymous said...