"Listen to the mustn'ts, child. Listen to the don'ts. Listen to the shouldn'ts, the impossibles, the won'ts. Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me... Anything can happen, child. Anything can be." - Shel Silverstein

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mama Was Right

It turns out Mama was right about having a great time on our vacation. Aside from Major Puke Fest 2009 on the trip out to Grand Junction, and also while we stayed there, and peeing out of my diaper and soaking my car seat on the way home, it was a FUN FUN time!!!

Get ready for many many pictures chronicling our time there:

We saw Uncle Brian for the fist time in a LONG time!

L to R: Auntie Katelynn, Aunt Julia, Iris, and Mama

We ate (well, everyone else ate, I tasted) great food!

Aunt Julia, Cousin Tina, and Uncle Brian

I slept in the bed with Daddy for two nights and Mama for one. It worked out pretty well. See?...

I may be small, but I need my space. I like to spread out, that's all!!

Sometimes, Daddy won't wake up, so he needs a little encouragement. This particular morning, a big poke in the eye did the trick!!

I met my cousins: Ally, Sorin, Milar & Tiernan

Posed for pictures with the family. The cousins, Auntie Katelynn, Nana, PaPa, Aunt Larinda and Uncle Mike

We went to play in a park and I did more posing for pictures with Nana and Mama

Sliding down the slide was my absolute favorite!


And, I got to "play" with the dogs. The puppy, Charlie, is the only one that I wanted to get near me. And even then, I didn't want her too close!

I danced with some of my cousins

I watched Daddy run with the crazy dogs

And yes, Daddy was wearing his Army "cruit boots" with his shorts.  His excuse for looking like a dork?  "We are way out here in the sticks, no one can see me".  Silly Daddy!!

And, the best of all, I moved furniture and made Nana laugh hysterically. You can even hear her snort about 15 seconds into the video!! ;)
We had a blast but we are glad to be home. Now for some rest and relaxation before we get back to the grind.  Vacation can be a lot of hard work sometimes!!  


John and Jenna Gensic said...

It looks like you guys had a great time! I sympathize with the mess you had to clean up. Mikan's had some diarrhea (due to a vaccine I think) lately, and I've cleaned up several unwanted messes!


Tamara said...

YEEEAAAHHHH Looks like a lot of fun! So good to see her dancing and clapping!

The VW's said...

I'm glad to hear and see that you guys had a great time away! Vacations and visiting with family are so great, but getting back home is always great too! (Except for the unpacking part.....YUCK!)

Sorry Marissa wasn't feeling that great part of the time! Puking and traveling do not go well together!

Glad to hear from you again! Thanks for sharing your memories with all of us!

Michelle said...

I so wanted to go! But you guys seemed like you had tons o' fun!

Glad you're back!

Auntie Chelle

Michelle said...

Fun fun fun!! I love the pic of her poking Daddy in the eye...hysterical! I also couldn't help but giggle at him running with the dogs...I bet Marissa thought that funny too. My husband would kill over with a heart attack with running like that...LOL

The round-the-worlders said...

Wow, what a wonderful time. Glad it all worked out as well as it did. Now the next time you want to have an outing it may seem less daunting. Hope Marissa didn't become addicted to having a bigger audience than normal. She may end up in show business;)

We have been having a good time travelling, too. And yes, even when you are having a good time, travelling can be tiring. Hope you can get some rest.

Love Arnie and Dad

Colleen said...

You guys are awesome to have gone the distance with Marissa and all of the fun gear! She's so cute...I love the slide pictures...She looks like she had a great time with her cousins.

Nana and PaPa said...

We are SO glad you came to visit! Next time, maybe Larry can have a little more time with Risa Roo and you guys (notice the pecking order..huh??? lol) And yes.....Marissa is such a HOOT....I think she's destined to be either an interior designer or the head of a moving company...LOL...ROFLOL! (Yes...I laughed so hard I snorted...lol) We don't mind if you come back to visit.....SOON! Love you guys
Nana & PaPa

Hope said...

I've officially lost my mind. I was wondering why you hadn't posted in a while, and came to see if I'd missed anything. I'm sorry.

It looks like you need a u-haul truck for Marissa's accessories. LOL Looks like you had a great time.

Hope said...

Oh, and I love the group pic where she's looking down at the dog and he's looking up at her. Too funny!