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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fun Family Visit

We were very happy to have a visit the other day from my brother David, his wife Heather and their two daughters, Autumn and Amber.  They are visiting family in Colorado from Nevada. My brother is actually having his 2o year high school reunion over the 4th of July weekend in Pagosa Springs.  We talked about this and I laughed at him and told him how old he was.  Then he and Heather reminded Jeremy and me that we are only 4 years behind them!  :)

Marissa had not seen her cousins for nearly two years, so it was about time for them to get together again.  All three girls had a blast playing together.  Autumn and Amber were also very nice and gave Marissa a huge box (and then some) of their old toys.  Very cool, thanks guys! 

Marissa has really come a long way with her "stranger danger" in the last several months.  But for some reason, she still acts a little skittish around some people like my step-dad, my brother Brian and, as we found out yesterday, my brother David.  By the end of their visit though, David was graced with a pat on the leg from Marissa, so some progress was made!

Here are some pictures from the visit:
Red Heads in Blue Shirts

Not so sure about this guy

Yeah, he doesn't look quite right to me, I'm outta here!

Kissin' Cousins ~ Marissa kissing Amber  

Even though it is later, I'm still not feeling too friendly toward this guy they keep calling "Uncle Dave"

Yeah, not so much, I'm outta here again!

I like my cousins much better


Too bad Rissa did not remember this visit from almost two years ago when Uncle Dave was a good guy!

On a side note, please pray for Marissa and I today.  She is going to have a salivagram which will test to see if she is aspirating on her saliva.  I don't believe she is but her pulmo doc wants to make sure.  This test is VERY tedious and difficult mainly because Marissa is supposed to lay as still as she can for at least an hour with no sedation.  Yeah right, she is TWO!!  

She had this same test done last year and I posted about it here.  Click on the link if you want to learn more about the procedure and why she has had it done before.

I am going to wake her up early with the hope that she may be tired enough by 10:30 when the procedure starts that she will take a nap.  I am also going to bring the laptop and her Signing Time videos (which she is absolutely completely obsessed with!) to keep her occupied if she will not fall asleep.  Needless to say, I am dreading this as much as I did last year and I really hope she surprises me like she did last year and just falls asleep.

I'll let you know how things went when I get the chance.

And I would like to solicit some medical advice for myself real quick.  I have developed an allergic reaction of some sort around my right eye.  Don't know what caused it, but the skin around my eye is red, swollen, itchy and irritated.  I slept all night with cortizone slathered all over it, but it did not seem to do any good.  Good thing is my actual eye is not affected, just the skin around it.  Does anyone have any suggestions for a remedy for me?



Queen Mommy said...

Praying for you and Marissa today. I hope it goes really well!!

Are you sure your eye isn't from a mosquito bite? Also, from experience, I know that anytime you have a red, swollen eye, a doctor would usually want to rule out cellulitis. You could try a very warm compress, holding it there until your eye starts to water. That may help, depending on what's causing the reaction. If it doesn't start feeling better soon, you should probably see someone, just to be sure. (I say this because I know of 2 different people who have had cellulitis in their eyes, and Leah swells up a LOT from mosquito bites. She had one last week, actually, but the warm compress helped a ton.)

The VW's said...

I pray that the test goes well for you and Marissa today! How in the world do they exspect a 2 year old to lay down without moving for an hour??!! I feel for you....big time!

I hope your eye clears up too! I would definitely have it looked at if it isn't gone by tomorrow! My mom had, what they thought was shingles around her eye many years ago, but now they believe it was something else, anyway, she lost sight in that eye! I don't want to scare you, but I just wanted to warn you to take it seriously if it doesn't go away! I'll be praying!

Cute pictures, as always!!! HUGS!

Nana and PaPa said...

Regarding your eye...I'm guessing you may have an insect bite...maybe something so small as a gnat bite. I'm surptised the cortisone cream didn't help, but I agree with everyone else, have it looked at if it's not better by tomorrow. The hot compress is good, or try an ice pack for 15 minutes throughout the day for reducing swelling and redness. I wish I could be there to help you with little Miss Squirmy Butt during the test, but hopefully she'll cooprerate as in the past. Love the pictures with your goofy brother...lol
Nana & PaPa
P.S. My word verification today is cytosis....sounds like a disease...lol....maybe THAT'S what's wrong with your eye! LOL

Colleen said...

Hold still for an hour? Oh Mama! I hope the test goes well and there is no sign of aspiration.

Michelle said...

I like the pictures!

Hope your eye gets better!

Auntie Chelle