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Monday, January 18, 2010

$33 x 3

Between Facebook and this blog we got 33 comments for Haiti!! You guys rock, thank you so much for participating! I had a lot of fun watching the comments roll in and finding a few new blog friends in the process.

Here's the breakdown of the votes:

9 people opted out of voting

17 votes for the Red Cross

So it looks like The Red Cross is going to get $33 from our family on behalf of all our wonderful friends! WooooHoooo!!

But wait, there's more!!

Jeremy and I were touched by one commenter who said we should consider donating to a smaller charity, as they struggle with collecting donations more than the larger, more well known ones. We decided to donate another $33 to a wonderful charity named God's Littlest Angels. I actually first heard of this organization on Wednesday morning on the Today show. They had an interview with Dixie Bickel, the director of the orphanage in Haiti. I went back and watched the video (click the link on the top right side of the GLA website) and Dixie said something that really struck me toward the end of the interview. Even though her orphanage is still standing and all the children got out safely, she said the number of new orphans from this tragedy will increase significantly. She also said that many of the homes of the orphanage workers were destroyed so they will be needing to rebuild. They are going to need our help now more than ever. I know you guys are generous souls and if you have not already donated to the Haiti relief efforts, please consider donating to this wonderful organization and to the precious children who are now orphans as a result of the earthquake.

But wait, there's more!!

My mom reminded me of a great charity called UMCOR or United Methodist Committee on Relief. Being the daughter of a retired Methodist minister, I remember certain Sunday mornings in church that were dedicated to raising money for this great charity. The cool thing is that 100% of every dollar is used for the specific program you decide to give to. So we are giving another $33 to UMCOR and 100% of our $33 will go to relief efforts in Haiti. The UMCOR family has been hit hard by the earthquake in Haiti. Two UMCOR executives were killed when the Hotel Montana collapsed. They were in Haiti meeting with colleagues from other agencies to plan improved health services there when the earthquake struck. My heart is saddened by this news and yet I am uplifted knowing that these two men died doing good for others.

So, $33 x 3.

Thank you once again, sweet friends, for participating and making this a fun way for us to decide how to help our brothers and sisters in Haiti. Thank you, thank you, thank you and God bless!


The VW's said...

AWESOME!!! Great job Alicia, Jeremy and Marissa!! And, God Bless You!

Laura said...

That is SO awesome, what great charities to give to!! I wish I would have found you sooner so I could have commented. :) What a wonderful thing you did, I love seeing how many people are stepping up to help others in need, it's amazing! Blessings!!

Tamara said...

Wow that is wonderful Alicia! That is great that you guys are doing this! Such a good cause!

Hope said...

Great job! That's amazing!! Your family rocks;)

Kendra said...

Thanks, Alicia and Jeremy! Ya'll are awesome!

Nana and PaPa said...

I just want to say how proud I am of you and Jeremy for taking this on as a project to fulfill a huge need. What a fun way to donate AND raise awareness to so many people as to how they can help in such a tragic situation. A lot of people think that their donation is just a drop in the bucket and maybe it won't really help. But, like a stone dropped into a pool of water, the ripple effect spreads outward, eventually touching the edges of the pool where it's then sent back to the point of origin. As the ripple travels it has momentum and changes it's surroundings. Our donations do the same thing. Each donation, from the smallest to the largest, touches and forever changes the lives of those in need...which for the moment, is the poeple of Haiti. I think you've earned at LEAST a couple more gold stars in your crowns. As we give, we bless others, and in turn, we are also blessed. We love you guys...thank you for involving us in your donations.
Nana & PaPa

Shauna Quintero said...

You are doing so great with raising funds! What a huge heart for you!

I nominated you for a lemonade award on Christian's blog! You deserve it!