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Monday, January 19, 2009

The White Family Warriors

This is what the people who follow Emerson's daily struggle for life have been able to accomplish.  It is truly amazing.  

Follow the link below and then click on the featured video button on the top left of the news story to see the video.

The family is still in the thick of the battle.  Nothing has been solved as of yet, but with all the media coverage, there is no way that the authorities will be able to deny this little girl funding for the life saving transplant she needs.  Emerson's mom Erika said:
"A different station aired a phone interview with a Deputy Director at Colorado Medicaid who said they’ve been working through the holiday weekend to bring resolution to this case.  She said they hope to have “options” to present to us as early as tomorrow afternoon."

Thank you to all of you who made phone calls or sent letters and e-mails on Eme's behalf.  There is power in numbers.

Praise God!!


Hope said...

Thank God!! The last thing Erika needed was to worry about insurance. I have been thinking of them all weekend.

Hilary said...

Marissa is such a cutie!! her hair is awesome!!

Dana said...

Glad to hear that someone is finally working on their case. It was a horrible situation. I'm praying for this to be resolved as well.