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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Busy Christmastime!


I am so glad to report that Marissa and I are feeling better. Not out of the woods yet, but she has less snot, wheezy cough is gone, and her sats have stayed NORMAL!! She is even tolerating her cap even though you can hear she is still congested. We have her on regular doses of Vitamin C and Vitamin D3. Then, when she is sick, we give her Zinc. I really think this is why this hasn't hit her too hard. Only thing is, now Jeremy has it! He started with the symptoms yesterday. So it will probably be another week before this bug is completely out of our house!! Thanks for your prayers and well wishes!


Apparently, too busy for me to blog for over a week!

Lots going on here in the land of Rissa and her family:

We finally got some snow and, on Thursday last week, I bundled Marissa up in her new snow clothes and we went out to play in it.

She thought she needed to hold my hand the whole time.

She found out otherwise pretty quick!

She still did not like putting her hands in the snow, even with gloves on. Granted, they were the fabric kind that I'm sure she could still feel cold and wet through. Needless to say, we finally got her a pair of decent warm mittens!

This is her throwing a fit because I won't help her up out of the snow. She did not want to put her hands down so she could stand on her own. We worked it out and she finally figured out that she could do it. She was so proud of herself!

Didn't want to take a picture with Mama!

"Oh, my poor little heart!!"

Very angry with me for taking one last picture!

Lucky for us, we got a big snow storm the last couple of days and we thought we could get Marissa out in even more snow. Unfortunately, I started feeling sick (head cold) late last week and Marissa finally came down with what I have yesterday. Stuffy nose, extra secretions, not able to tolerate her cap. This morning she woke up with a little bit of a wheeze on her cough so we are doing albuterol and CPT. She has been keeping her sats normal so that is awesome! The first time she has trouble keeping her sats up though, we will take her in for a chest x-ray, hoping it has not turned to pneumonia. Keep my girl in your prayers, please!

Saturday morning, I had trouble going back to sleep after I woke up to turn off Marissa's feeding pump at about 5:30 am. I decided to get up and go to our 24 hr Wal Mart to get some Christmas shopping done. As I was pulling up to the store, I saw a guy bolt out of the store, running full blast with a purse in his hand. I immediately knew what was going on. The lady whose purse the guy just snatched ran out after him. I called 911 and was able to see which direction the jerk went. I went back inside to wait to talk to the police. In talking to the lady, I found out he took her by surprise and she resisted giving him her purse at first. So the guy decided to punch her in the face!! Poor lady was OK, just shaken up. She was very, very appreciative that I stuck around to talk with the police. The lady cancelled all her cards right away and did not have any cash, so I'm pretty sure if they catch this guy, he will find out pretty quickly that it wasn't worth it to have strong arm robbery and assault and battery charges. I haven't heard anything but I hope they are able to catch the guy. What a jerk!

After two more trips to Wal Mart (we can never seem to get everything we need in one trip), two round trips to the car dealership to get our van some warranty work (never got done, had to order parts, hoping to get it fixed tomorrow while Jeremy takes the day off, which will be two more round trips all three of us have to go on), decorating most of our house for Christmas (just have to get the lights up outside, which Jeremy will take care of when he is home tomorrow), a date afternoon for Jeremy and I to have lunch and see a movie, and Christmas shopping for family, I realized it has been a busy week and I haven't blogged in a while!


So there is an update for everyone. Here's hoping that the next week will provide a slow down for us and we can take time to enjoy the upcoming holiday! Thanks for checking in!


The VW's said...

She looks so warm and cute in her winter gear! The ones of her getting upset are how I look each time I have to go out in the snow! :) I really don't like winter!

I can't believe that guy! Why do people do this?! Just take someone's purse and hit her and run off?! I'm glad that you were able to help her...I hope they catch that jerk! UGH!

Enjoy all your busyness! Hope you and Marissa are feeling well soon!Have a great day! Hugs and Prayers!

Myssie@PendletonMarket said...

I hope that her cold decides to only stay a short while. I have a cold right now too and it is no fun. Thinking of you guys and praying Rissa doesn't have to go to the hospital!

Nana and PaPa said...

I love pictures of our little toot...no matter whether they're "upset" pictures or that cute Marissa smile (grin) she's still adorable. Hope you both get well soon. Love to all.
Nana & PaPa

Lacey said...

Man that girl has some good mad faces. I need to get my car in too. The glove box just fell off, luckily its only a year old and still under warranty. Its just finding the time to get in there.

Hope said...

Marissa has the best expressions ever. I think it's good that she even tolerates gloves on. I hope everyone is feeling better!

ParkerMama said...

Just reading your post made me tired!

You have such a cutie. I loved the pictures of her playing in the snow.

Thanks for sharing!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Love the snow pictures! She looks adorable all bundled up. Even if she's mad. :)

I am glad that you guys are starting to feel better, I hope Jeremy feels better soon too!

Tamara said...

Oh she is too cute! I know I saw that every time, but its true! Loving the Oh my heart photo! That belongs on a card! Hope your all feeling 100% better before that fam arrives! Good to see such wonderful photos!