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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Because I'm Bummin' Today and I Could Use a Pick-Me-Up

UPDATE: I just got the best news!! Marissa's Ped's office just called and said that they have the H1N1 shot!!! So we are going in at 8:45 tomorrow morning to get it there instead of going through the public clinic long line mess. I actually yelled "WOO HOO!!" on the phone with the poor nurse and I think she is deaf now. But I told her she made my week, so that should make it up to her! ; ) My mood is significantly improved now.



I am in a funk today, for no particular reason. Actually, it could have something to do with the fact that Marissa has been taking so long to settle down to sleep at night for about a week now. Last night, she tossed and turned for three and a half hours before falling asleep. I'm not sure why she is doing this. Just a phase, I guess. But it sure wears on J and me. And then, once she got to sleep, I tossed and turned all night. Sheesh.

So, even though Christmas is still a month and a half away, I decided to post these pictures of Marissa. Because they make me smile. And I need a smile today.

In unrelated medical news, I took Marissa to see her Pulmonologist last week. He was very pleased with how she is doing. Her baseline chest x-ray we took several months ago looks great and, of course, her salivagram was negative. So he looked at me and told me that he would be comfortable discharging us from his care because all her remaining issues are in her upper airway. But, he said he is curious to see us a year from now when she is possibly decannulated to see how she is doing with that. So, lets pray that she can avoid getting pneumonia this year so we won't have to see him again until this time next year.

We are going to take Marissa to get her H1N1 shot tomorrow. Jeremy has the day off (Veteran's Day) so our plan is for one of us to wait in line and the other will wait in the van with Marissa. We are going to show up an hour and a half before the clinic opens to hopefully get a good spot in line. I am so thankful Jeremy will be there because I can't imagine standing in a line for that long with my girl whose attention span is shorter than that of a gnat. When she gets bored, she gets feisty!! Plus, having her stand around a bunch of people who may already be sick with something is not a good idea. We are VERY thankful our van has DVD players! Elmo to the rescue!! Of course, we'll have to do this all over again in about a month to get her the second shot. Bummer.

OK, enough of my rambling. I am going to get Rissa (and myself) ready for a nap. Nighty night!!


Tina said...


I spent some time last night reading your blog and trying to get to know you better. WOW what a story.

Your daughter is darling...I loved the video of her dancing....she sure can dance!

I'm following you now...

Hope you get to feeling better...


The VW's said...

I'm sorry that you are in a funk! Not enough sleep will definitely do that to you! I've been in a funk for a couple of weeks and it SUCKS!

I hope that Miss Rissa starts going to sleep better for you! Mommas without sleep are grumpy Mommas! I think this is part of my problem too, not enough sleep.

Those pictures of Marissa definitely put a smile on my face! So, thanks for that!

Hope tomorrow goes well for you guys! Gavin got his first shot today. We were blessed to not have to wait in line...his school had the health department come out during conferences today, so this was a HUGE blessing for us!

Hope you have a great night! Love and Hugs!!!

Tamara said...

Oh little Miss Rou, you make my heart sing! I love your sweet smile and silly little ways! Just wanna watch another video of you dancing with Jingle Bells with that wonderful hat!

Hope you get the much needed sleep! Its so hard when we don't get our ZzzZzzz's! Keep on Keeping on and thanks for this post... just what I needed too!

Colleen said...

She is so darling in that Christmas outfit!! How can you keep from smiling big smiles?

I'm sorry you're feeling down in the dumps today. Not getting enough shut eye puts me in a fog too.

Best of luck with the flu shot tomorrow. I hope that goes well.

Nana and PaPa said...

Rissa Roo is SO cute in her little Santa hat and her Christmas red outfit. Glad the flu shot is now available at your docs office....WoooHooo Tooooo! Thanks for the smiles from our sweet girl
Nana & PaPa

Michelle said...

I'm so happy you don't have to stand in line for it!!! Yea!!!

Love the pics! So cute and growing up so fast!

Auntie Chelle

Lacey said...

The H1N1 thing is such a pain. I did get Jax today though. When I took him to the hospital for his trach follow up the hospital now has the vaccine in and if you have a doctors appointment you can get one. Wahoo. It would be so counterproductive to stand in line with a million people to maybe get the vaccine. But i'm sure we would have left with the virus from someone.

Jacque said...

ABOUT TIME! Geesh, I can't believe they didn't have the vaccine ready for her by now. And yes, the santa hat made me smile too.

Hope said...

First off, I'm so sorry I've been MIA. I've been a bad friend. I've been in a slump. I'll be playing catch up for a few days.
I'm glad she gets her H1N1 shot.

Dana said...

Lack of sleep or "good sleep" makes anyone feel down. HOping you can get some better sleep soon. Glad she gets to get her
H1N1 at the peds. office.

She looks So grown up these days. Wow! Time flies.

John and Jenna Gensic said...

Those holiday pics are adorable! What is it with toddlers and sleeping problems? I don't get it. Mikan was doing the same thing. He is still really restless and will often wake up crying in the middle of the night and need to be rocked back to sleep before I can lay him back down. I hope you get some rest soon.

Michelle and Sean said...

Those pics make me smile too!! Very cute! Sorry your in a slump I've been in one too. I think its because I know that it is time that we lock ourselves in the house for few months and try our best to avoid illness. I am so glad that she got her shot. I hope things start getting better for you soon!! I'll be praying for you!