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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Prayer Requests


Lots of things going on in our life right now that could use your prayers.

Please pray that Jeremy passes a very important test today. This particular test is a requirement of his job. He does have several times to take the test but his employer will only reimburse for one time and the cost is $260. Jeremy is super intelligent and he knows his job like the back of his hand, he is just not so good at taking tests.

I just heard from Jeremy. He passed the test!!! Out of a possible 900 points, he got 885. So he didn't just pass the test, he blew it out of the water!!! Praise God! Thanks for your prayers!

Please pray that I am able to get Marissa out of this new trend of not taking naps. She gets really crabby in the late afternoon and evening if she does not take her nap. It is bad for her, bad for me, bad for us.

Marissa finally took her first nap since Sunday.  Not quite sure what today holds but keep praying!

Please pray for Marissa's Ear Nose and Throat doctor (Dr. P). She is pregnant with twins and has already been on bedrest. She came back to work for a couple of months but is back on bedrest for the remainder of her pregnancy. She is due around the end of August, so for her to be out for good this early is scary. While it is very rare for any pregnancy involving multiples to go to full term, I am worried about her and the babies.

If and when I hear anything about Dr. P and the babies, I'll be sure to update you all.  I was able to talk to her awesome Medical Assistant yesterday and asked her to let Dr. P know that we were thinking of her and praying for her.

Related to the last request, please pray that Marissa's medical care will not suffer while her doctor is out for the next few months. Basically, the timing couldn't be worse. Even though we may have hit some hurdles in regards to Marissa's airway, we are still really trying to work toward getting Marissa's trach out by the beginning of fall. We haven't been told "no" yet, so we are trying to stay positive.  We were scheduled to go see Dr. P on July 7 and she was going to scope Marissa to get a better picture of what is going on with her airway. Now, Marissa's chart has been given to a doctor who has never seen her and does not know her. Normally, with most patients, this would not be a problem. But Marissa's case is quite complex and she is best served by seeing someone who is familiar with her and her history. I had asked Dr. P if we could have Marissa's case transferred to a particular doctor (Dr. E) during her maternity leave and she said she thought that was best. This did not happen for some reason. Dr. E is the one who actually did her tracheotomy and who cared for her until we transferred her care to Dr. P in Nov '07. He knows Marissa and what she was like from the day she was born. Please pray that when I get ahold of her doctor's office that we can have her chart transferred to Dr. E with no problem and that he can help Marissa on her path to getting the trach out until Dr. P returns.

I spoke with Dr. P's MA, Miss M, yesterday and she grumbled that she had put a sticky note on the first page of Marissa's chart stating that it should be given to Dr. E when Dr. P left and no one paid attention to it.  :)  She got us scheduled to see Dr. E on July 13.  She also told me she will ask Dr. P to call Dr. E and fill him in on our plans for the appointment as well as Marissa's immediate future.

Thank you friends.  God hears our prayers!

Oh, and if you missed the previous post, make sure you stop and take a look.  There is just something about little muddy piggies that makes me smile.  :)


Hope said...

I'm praying for your entire family, Marissa's Dr and her babies. I'm hoping the chart transfer and road to decanning will go smoothly from here on.

((Hugs)) You have a lot going on, bless your heart.

Nana and PaPa said...

Between no afternoon naps, a crabby afternoon and evening, and issues with doctors and transfer of care, you DO have your plate full. Just remember that Marissa is testing the waters of who she is and how she fits into your world and the world in general. 2 year olds are a challenge even to the most patient of parents! Do things that will get YOU through it without doing or saying things you'll regret later. Call ME if you need to...just talking to someone else sometimes helps....love you all and will be doing lots of praying. And a HUGE congrats to Jeremy! I KNEW he could do it, but proved he could do it VERY WELL!!!
Nana & PaPa

Colleen said...

I'll be thinking and praying for you and little Marissa today. I saw the posting with the piggly wiggly's in the mud..how cute is that! She must be having a rockin summer playing in the mud, pool and grass. We have had the same ENT since the trach was placed and I always wonder if we should make a switch, but she knows his history so well. It's so hard to know what is best sometimes (:

The VW's said...


My husband just took an 8 hour test a few weeks ago, to be certified for something for his job too. We just found out last week that he passed as well! What a relief! His test cost $500 and his work would only pay for it once, as well. He studied so hard for it and I'm so happy and proud that he passed it!

YAHOO for Jeremy! Great job! Now, go and celebrate!


Michelle said...

Will continue to pray.

Yea!!!! Jeremy is just awsome! I knew he could do it! I really didn't have any worries at all for that! He loves this stuff and really put everything into it and it payed off!!!!

Maybe everything else will fall into place.

Love you!
Auntie chelle

Tamara said...

Whoa, congrats Jeremy!!!! Thinking of you and praying! Don't cha worry.... timing is God speciality! Everything works with Him in control!!!