"Listen to the mustn'ts, child. Listen to the don'ts. Listen to the shouldn'ts, the impossibles, the won'ts. Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me... Anything can happen, child. Anything can be." - Shel Silverstein

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

To the best Father our Daughter could ever hope for...

Jeremy, thank you for being such a great Daddy to our little Rissa Roo.  What you have done over the last two plus years is nothing short of amazing.  You stepped up when many would have stepped away.  You have not only been fully involved with the "normal" baby stuff, but you have gotten elbow deep in some very heavy things going on in the life of our daughter without blinking an eye. You stood strong through the struggles, shoulder to shoulder with me as my partner.  You are quick to laugh at the silly things Marissa does on a daily basis but you are also not afraid to shed tears when you are concerned for what her future might hold.  You give her a firm hand when she needs to learn to straighten up and fly right, yet you also have such a soft touch when she needs comfort and love.  You play with her like you are still a kid yourself.  

Before we had Marissa, I thought I knew what kind of father you would be.  I could not have known how you would go above and beyond all my imaginings. 

I Love You.


Michelle said...

I so forgot to bring the tissues and now my shirt is full of tears!

Happy Father's Day Jeremy!! You are a great father! Marissa is lucky to have a father like you!

Michelle (Auntie Chelle)

Faith said...

I woke up this morning reflecting on fathers, and I immediatley thought of Jeremy. He sets such a high standard for other men- and goes ABOVE and beyond the call of duty for his girls.

What a beautiful tribute you put together Alicia! You all are truly a match made in heaven!

Happy Father's day Jeremy!!
Jen, Brian & Faith

Nana and PaPa said...

Happy Father's Day Jeremy! When you and Alicia first started dating way back in high school, who would've thunk that someday, you would be the father to our most beautiful, precious little granddaughter named Marissa. You are a very special man and we are blessed to have you in the family and be Rissa Roo's Daddy. Thanks Alicia, for the tears of happiness and joy because of such a wonderful tribute to Jeremy. We love you all.
Nana & PaPa

The VW's said...

AWW! Happy Father's Day Jeremy! Sounds like Marissa is a very blessed little girl to have you as her dad! Have a great day!

Colleen said...

Awesome video!! She is a very lucky girl! Happy Father's Day!

The round-the-worlders said...

When Alicia first told her Dad that she was going to marry Jeremy, her Dad, like any normal loving father, wasn't sure that Jeremy was good enough for his precious daughter. HE IS...and more. The two of you just blow us away all the time with what you do and what you have accomplished. The love the three of you have for each other is so evident in every picture you post that we have to keep tissues close by every time we look at your blog.

Happy Father's Day Jeremy. You deserve it. Thank you, Alicia for the beautiful tribute to his love for your daughter and our granddaughter.

We love you all.
Bubby and Zeyda

Janice said...

Happy Father's day son. I waited until after everyone posted their messages to hopefully wrap this up with thoughts from your Mom.

You have been the best son a mother could ask for. When you first met Alicia you were a bit of a grunge and I remember her family looked at you with reserve. (I did too at times). But then you two graduated high school together, Alicia went to college and you went in the army. Before you left you guys wanted to get married. Joyce and I knew you'd both change and asked you to wait. You did.

Then you came home from the military and Alicia graduated from college, all at about the same time. You both then asked Joyce and I again if you could get married. We had no reason to say anything but yes.

You both honored our wishes and showed how dutiful you both were and respected us as your parents.

And now, you are a Dad. It doesn't surprise me that you are a good man and strive to do the right things. You haven't changed in that respect. You traded your grunge look in for a shirt and tie and short hair - big improvement - put our minds at ease. How handsome you are.

You set the bar very high for a lot of men to measure up too. I'm so glad you are my son. I'm so glad Marissa has you for a father. Well done Jeremy...well done.

I love you.